Sharing the Infinite!

Right now, the world is going through a spiritual renaissance. There’s a new consciousness spreading across the land… Yoga and meditation, self-help classes… people are ready for higher messages, messages that bring us together, inspire us, unite us in our humanity.

So where are these messages? Why aren’t they out there in the public arena?

Here’s the problem: most spiritual people stay as far from the marketplace as they can. Why? Because their needs aren’t being met. Money, awards, long hours, and a corner office simply don’t attract them.

Spiritual people want to help. They’ve discovered that the road to the highest happiness is to be of service to the world… and they want to share. That’s why they can bring so much to your company… as a leader, as a mentor, as a friend.

So… where are all the spiritual people going today? Into the publishing and broadcasting fields, that’s where. Into places where they’re given an authentic, empathic voice. Into careers where they can make a difference. Corporate communications can’t hold them, unless and until they show that they are willing to use their soapbox for higher – and less nakedly self-interested – ends.

Most advertising today tries to fake it, lowering the bar with politically correct messaging, tired wokeness slogans, identity politics posturing, etc. Spiritual creatives aren’t buying it. They recognise higher consciousness when they see it. They want to see commitment to new vocabularies, more conscious-business models.

They can raise corporate culture in a heartbeat, but a company must prove that it’s got real clients and shareholders who are waking up… and not just pretending to.

Right now there is a species of spiritual creatives that would choose advertising or marketing, simply for the chance to being able to touch many lives quickly and deeply. These passionate and compassionate souls are looking to help awaken the planet. They appreciate efficiency, they value honesty, and they are waiting patiently.

Which companies will be ready for them? Who’s ready to help usher in the spiritual revolution?

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