Love Impasse


CAGED BIRD: Don’t you like comfort?

FREE BIRD: Don’t you want freedom?

CB: Don’t be unreasonable, dear. Everyone I know agrees that this is the best way to live.

FB: You’ve only met caged birds, love. Look how spacious it is out here.

CB: Look how safe and comfortable it is in here. And look… it’s protected by solid bars!

FB: The bars are in your mind, love. They only look solid.

CB: To me, the bars are solid, dear. If you really and truly loved ME, you’d come and live with me here in the cage.

FB: If you loved and trusted YOURSELF as much as I love and trust you, you’d come and live out here with me.

There’s a feeling of aliveness I want to share with you. The cage is open now… Fly!

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