Going Out or Staying In?

Funny how, for years, we’ve gone about trying to bring a little Love into our lives. We go out into the 3D world, hunting wildly. It’s never in the same place twice, so the search often takes a long time. One day it’s in Argentina, or in a pair of shoes… the next day it’s at the supermarket.

Then, if we’re lucky enough to find it, we put it our pocket (as if it were bacon, or a loaf of bread) and bring it back home greedily. Eventually, the love runs out, so… Out We Go Again!

We’re always searching, aren’t we? Always on the go, always on the lookout… convinced that Love is Out There – outside ourselves – just a TV series, just a compliment, just a dinner date away. We go out, we come back (sometimes empty handed). We go out, we come back.

Stop that.

What if, today, we just sit still and let Love come to us? What if we just call to it – as if it were an Amazon delivery – call to it and wait for it to come? Then, one second later (ding-dong!), when it arrives at our doorstep… we just let it in. We sit still and simply bathe in it, nestling into it as if it were a warm bear hug… no need to earn it or buy it or trade for it, today. Ahhhhhhhh, that’s nice.

Just think… if Love came from inside us… boy, wouldn’t that change everything?

Yes friends, once we get tired of crossing the bridge, over and over again – once we start searching for a better way – we discover that we’ve had it all wrong: Love is our birthright! No more bridge crossings, no more begging bowls. Love is there, friends… just for the asking.

“O Love, O pure deep Love, be here, be now, be all….”
– Rumi

And then, afterwards, if we do decide to cross the bridge, it won’t be to get Love… no Siree. Once we discover the Endless Fountain inside ourselves, whenever we do go out…

…it will be to share it!

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