Choosing our poison

Here you are, about to choose your next partner in life, your next job, your next adventure. One choice is shiny and bright… the way looks easy, and promises accolades and security; it offers a BETTER YOU. The other path is indistinct and vague… the way is dark and scary; it promises difficulty and introspection.

As you approach the crossroads this time, there seems to be more at stake. The real question isn’t which path do I prefer, but which path will take me where I want to go?

For instance, if you choose someone who will make your story real, who accepts your solidity, your convictions, your self-definitions and limitations as Gospel Truth, without question… the two of you will wander the labyrinth together. Your every move will seem super-important as you look for freedom together, and yet… you won’t find the goal. The ego loves this path because it knows that it will never be unmasked here. It appears to be the happier solution, but in reality… it is the slower path, the slower poison.

Or maybe you’ve finally seen enough. Maybe you’ve been here at the crossroads enough times not to fall for the easy solution again. Are you finally ready to choose someone who doesn’t agree with you, who sees the world as illusion, who can free you from your story? The ego will never choose this path (it doesn’t have the courage); this is, in fact, the stronger poison, (the “red pill”), but the one that eventually frees you, avoiding the labyrinth altogether. This person will separate you from all the things you think you’ve acquired in the dream, and help you see that You Have Always Been the Dreamer… and have nothing to fear in the dream.

Which will you choose? How committed are you to believing that this dream is real?

Will today be the day you roll over and go back to sleep… or the day you choose to wake up?

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