Asking for Grace

My friend Swami Kriyananda talks about two different ways to request grace from the Universe: passive receiving versus active receiving.

Passive receiving is when we place our empty glass on the table and say, “Hey God, if You’re not too busy and have nothing else to do, would You mind filling this cup for me?” Then we leave it there and do other things, hoping in the meantime the nectar will somehow mysteriously arrive. We use this technique when we don’t really feel we deserve grace… but are open to the idea. This is exactly how I was always trying to receive (until I heard this nugget of wisdom I’m sharing with you today).

Instead, there’s a much more dynamic, much more effective way to ask: actively. Actively receiving is when you raise your empty glass over your head and demand that God fill it right away. You are His/Her son or daughter, you are counting on Him/Her in this moment, and you won’t lower your arm until your glass is filled. And make it snappy!

Quite the difference, eh? Obviously you have to believe that you deserve grace… and the good news is: You Do. As Divine Children, we all deserve it; it is our birthright. We just have to stop letting doubt get in our way.

Try it. Once you see how effective this is, you’ll imagine yourself walking around all day with your arm up, constantly and consistently asking for grace… until it’s raining everywhere you turn. Swami Kriyananda himself had many doubts, so he once asked the great Indian saint Anandamayi Ma for advice. Her reply?

“Always think that Divine grace is with you. Depend on it, and you will never find it wanting.”

Let’s raise a glass to that.

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