This Old Story Is All I’ve Got

D.H. Lawrence once wrote, “Perhaps you’re a slave to your own idea about yourself.”

Spiritual Awakening is easy; we just need to drop our stories of who we are. But wait, what? I can’t drop my story… then who would I be? I’d have to admit that my story isn’t Who I Am… that I was mistaken!

Anyway you can’t expect me to drop it now… I’ve believed this story for so many years. Besides… it’s just about to get interesting.

See… I’m about to collect a few outstanding debts, apologies, and confessions. You wouldn’t ask me to just drop my pain… and let these IOUs go unpunished, do you?

Plus, there are so many dreams I was promised would come true (if I did everything right). They haven’t shown up yet, but don’t ask me to give up my investments!

And on and on it keeps repeating. Hoo-boy… so many great excuses keep us hooked in. And then one day – if we’re lucky! – we meet someone who doesn’t want to help us keep our story, embroider it with fame and fortune, underline our claims to revenge. They want to help us drop the story altogether. They see something deeper in us. Something waaaay beyond a person.

Something more eternal.

One day, friends, your story is going to end. No matter Who You Are… or Who You Thought You Would Become… one day you’ll realize that the only one you are just telling this fascinating story to… is yourself. No one else is listening (they’re too busy listening to themselves, dear). No one sees it the way you do, or understands “you” as much as you’d like. No, your story was just for your own entertainment… and no one else’s. You told it well, dagnabbit, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that it was only a story… a personal fairy tale.

And like all stories, dear… they end. Suddenly the curtain drops, the lights come up, the public goes home… and voila!

Free from the same old same old!

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