I was so lonely…

I was so lonely

That I built a world

A universe of life and beings

To share my love with.

Only my loneliness never left

No matter how many relationships

Crowded stadiums

Or dinner parties

I threw myself into.

It seems to be

A tragic part of who I am

A core issue.


So I begin to have

compassion for others

And their loneliness.

The tragic beauty of it.


Then, for myself

Who tried so hard

To escape this sadness

To no avail.


And finally, wonderfully

for the Divine Goddess Herself

So lonely She was willing

To give up Her Divinity

To share this Uncontainable Love.


Today I cry for You, Dearest Friend.

I love You even with Your beautiful solitude.

It makes You almost human.

So close I can put my arm around You

While we weep together


Yes, together


Loving our loneliness

Our shared fate

As we let go of

This beautiful world

We dreamed


Into being.

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