I’ll meet you there!

One of the benefits of following the spiritual path is that you acquire a certain joyful magnetism… and this obviously attracts others. They want that joy, too. “Why do you get it,” they think, “and not me?”

So some enthusiastic soul will saddle up to you and try to let the light rub off. They use your spiritual magnetism to increase theirs. Nothing wrong with that… that’s what I did with my dear friend Mark. You just attune yourself to the light… the one that flows through them… and eventually it does rub off. In my case, it only took twenty years (I might have been a slowpoke), but in any event… it’s a pretty big investment of your time and energy. You need to see the light in someone else… and then find a way to serve them, help them, and learn from them. What is it that you’re doing to maintain this level of joy? I must know!

But some people don’t have that kind of time and energy… and maybe even if they did they might not believe they deserve the light. So they resort to use Plan B.

They try to capture your light.

Yes, be careful, friends. The freeloaders are out there: the bosses, the love-bombers, the flirters… all making big promises in exchange for your light. Stay en garde. Because as much as you’d like to share yours… the light can’t be captured, imprisoned or enslaved. It’s not a possession. The light is FREE to everyone and anyone… but only to those who dedicate themseves wholeheartedly to living it and loving it.

So if you’re thinking of trading your light for gifts and companionship, for money, or simply because you’re feeling sorry for others and want to give it to them… don’t make the same mistakes I did. Let your light shine, yes… but protect it. Value it. Don’t think you can give it others, because you can’t. It has to come from inside them. They have to want it.

Their light is their responsibility, not yours.

Once you figure this out, you’ll be strong enough to tell these people: “You don’t need my light, friend. You need to find yours. Dedicate your life to it… like everyone else does. That’s where we’ll meet!”

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