Intelligence Beyond Our Grasp

There is a vast field of Infinite Intelligence surrounding us, dear friends, wanting to communicate with us… but its way of transferring knowledge is so different from what we’re accustomed to… we don’t even know how to receive it. It’s waaaay too complicated for our minds to decipher… because it doesn’t talk to us in words, ideas or concepts. It comes as “spiritual downloads.”

These downloads flow into us in huge metadata bursts… quietly, silently, explosively. We don’t see them coming; we only know they’ve arrived because there arises in us a kind of deep knowing. We suddenly comprehend something as if we had studied it for months… yet the download only lasted a minute!

People with near death experiences have been trying to explain this to us for decades. On returning to waking life, they often describe heavenly communication as being much faster and cleaner than earthly communication. A short encounter with a divine being may need years to fully comprehend. Think of a mega download, as opposed to streaming; one burst and it’s in.

Artists regularly report similar downloads. The famous Coleridge poem “Kubla Khan,” for example, was composed in a single night after the poet received the entire tome, word for word, in a waking dream. (Unfortunately Coleridge was interrupted while hurriedly scribbling it down. The poem remains half-finished to this day.)

So here’s the problem: if your mind is active, it will try to understand this intelligence… and in doing so, will block it from arriving. We need to quiet the mind to allow the Universe to do its work… to not block the package. The mind always tries to jump in and interrupt the flow… as it is terrified of these downloads: it only appears as though the mind is trying to help… but in effect, it parryies them away, chopping them into pieces, claiming authorship. It knows that it will be “fired” once you figure out that there’s a faster way to receive information. That’s why it doesn’t tell you about it!

It’s like an old 56K modem trying to distract you from 5G technology!

The heavy work of your growth and healing, therefore, happens in this ultra-fast invisible manner. Understanding may come later, as a kind of bulwark, but it won’t take the lengthy timings of the old system. Our greatest “effort,” really, is to silence our minds, trust that the downloads are coming, invite them (with gratitude)… and open our hearts. This makes our bodies into a sort of satellite dish, ready to receive from the universe at any time, without distractions.

Once we begin to receive these spiritual downloads, we’ll give up the old ways of accumulating knowledge altogether. We’ll also abandon the illusion that the mind was ever helping us: it only imagined that it was responsible for our progress, our ideas, our growing.

See, it was the Infinite Intelligence all this time: the Universe talking with our souls!

(Our minds were just in the way.)

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