Joy vs. Happiness

We are all seeking happiness — but sheesh! — in the strangest of ways. We imagine that wanting things will bring us happiness (if we get what we want!). But then what we want arrives, fades… and so we go out looking for something else to make us happy again.

In other words, happiness is temporary, “the interval between two sorrows.” Whatever we receive comes and goes… it might get lost, broken or stolen, like a gift… or else up and leave us, like a partner. We are forever seeking a more lasting pleasure, but alas… all in vain. If you’ve found lasting happiness, let us know how you did it. You’ll have a best-seller on your hands!

Instead, joy is something completely different. Joy is when you feel happy for no reason at all. You’re just walking down the street, you notice a warm feeling in your heart… and suddenly you think:

“Wow, I’m super-happy!”

And then what do we do? Ha-ha, we look for something nearby and tell ourselves that that’s what made us happy. Let’s see here, was it that tree, that pretty girl, or that fountain? Were unable to feel happy without thinking it’s for a reason!

But what if we stopped looking for reasons? What if there was no reason?

According to Saanatham Dharma, “the Eternal Religion,” our true identity is made up of only three elements: Consciousness, Existence and Joy. In other words, joy is part of our true nature… our constant state! But we hardly ever feel it… why is that?

Because we’re too busy chasing those cheap thrills of happiness, that’s why! When we stop thinking about what we want, what is missing… we finally stop thinking ourselves into unhappiness. We can simply BE, here in the present moment — without want, without lack — and bing!, here we are again (but this time, with a new twist):

“Wow, I’m super-happy… for no reason!

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