Staying With My Inner Child

I used to think money
Or a protector
Or thick walls
Would keep me safe.
But I was wrong.

Stay with me, says
My inner child
Don’t run away.
Don’t caretake others.
Don’t wait for others
To take care of you.
Do the inner work.

When the fear
When the anger
When the anguish comes
Stay with it
Stay with ME
Don’t run away
Don’t leave ME
This time
Your scared,

You don’t have to protect me
Or keep away these
Scary feelings.
That never works.
Just sit with me
Don’t make me feel ashamed
Or abandoned
For feeling them.
Don’t leave me this time.

Look me in the eye
Tell me you’ll stay
Tell me that
My feelings are OK
That it’s safe to feel them
With you by my side.

You’re the only one
Who can make it safe.

When I feel safe
You’ll feel safe, too
We’ll feel safe together
That’s all we ever wanted.

It’s how we treat
Our Inner Child
That makes us feel safe.
Nothing else
No external change
Will do it.

I need You
And Always.

Will you stay?

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