Hold Fast to Center!


Watching politics these days is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. You see the spin, the blame, the hype, the evasions, the finger-pointing… and you know it will lead to greater conflict, not to resolution. “Don’t they see how they could do this better?,” you think. “They could easily avoid this problem if they just listened to one another.”

So you study, you watch the news, you learn the data, trying to understand who’s right and who’s wrong. You establish an opinion, a beachhead. And that’s how you get caught: it’s the idea of a peaceful resolution that keeps you hooked in an illusion. Because it’s not people who are fighting, it’s a level of consciousness YOU are stuck in.

This low level of consciousness is created and maintained specifically by polarization, by “right” and “wrong” thinking. At this level, nothing gets resolved…. because that is not the purpose of this level of consciousness!

We’re all here to learn something very simple: to resist the temptation to enter into this polarization… especially polarized conversations. You know, the ones that leave us frustrated, anxious and combative, the ones that create enemies instead of friends? Yeah, those. Well, conflict is a great teacher, it turns out. And exhausting. Sooner or later we cannot but see the futility of getting involved… not because we’re afraid of “letting the other side win,” or “appearing to be timid,” but because we see that polarized discussions make us feel awful afterwards. They pull us out of our center, and when we lose that, we lose any chance of finding a resolution.

Perhaps that’s what Albert Einstein was talking about when he said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

And since we all need to learn how to stay in our center, we’re tempted to enter into the arena over and over again… until we get utterly exhausted in combat. That’s the lesson here. Others will try to goad you. They will criticise you for not taking a stance (the one in middle always takes shots from both sides), but one day you find you’re simply too weary to go one more round… and you begin to doubt that, in any case, the problem will ever be resolved “out there”. You suspect that it doesn’t even want to be resolved. Resolution isn’t the teacher… futility is! exhaustion is! And suddenly, you see the world as just a movie, trying to pull you in to it with its endless supply of catastrophe and disaster… and the only solution, like the computer at the end of WarGames learns, is: Not To Play.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t help. Please don’t get me wrong. It means you’ll be a calm onlooker, knowing that this is a test for you and for you alone, a test only you can resolve… by not getting sucked into the belief that it needs you to fix it. The lesson is to pull away from it, mentally and emotionally.

That’s when a magical door appears. There, in between the noise and the tumult, we suddenly have a choice: either to re-enter the chaos, trying to “help” or “be right” or “get involved” or any of the other convincing slogans we hear all around us… or go through the door, alone, deep within ourselves… into a whole new level of consciousness.

From there, you see the problem was never out there. The problem was believing that the outside world needed (or even wanted!) resolving. It’s not that “they” are ignorant… it’s that you are… by getting pulled into this level of consciousness over and over again! Conflict is the teacher, you finally figured out how to “resolve” this “problem” —internally — and because you’re sitting this one out…

You graduate!

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