You don’t get to control my thoughts anymore!

One day we wake up and see how conditioned we’ve become by believing the madness and the poison of today’s “news.” That’s the day we’ll jump to our feet and declare, in a loud voice:

“You don’t get to control my level of consciousness anymore!”

TV news is gaslighting us continuously. Not just with its content, but moreover with its very modality of thought: it’s only interested in winners and losers, in blame and judgement, in victimization, in constant conflict and division. It doesn’t inform us, it traps us! It polarizes us (by design), confuses us, and leaves us disimpowered, hurt and angry, afraid to think for ourselves. In other words, it makes us easy to manipulate.

This level of consciousness is so limited—so toxic—that it no longer deserves even the smallest amount of our attention. We need to stay above the fray, friends… and shut this level off… for good.

Instead, life is about growth, miracles, unity, and win-win solutions. It’s about cycles, acceptance, inclusion… without boogeymen… a world so much more beautiful than what we’ve been presented that most of us don’t even believe it’s possible anymore. Oh, but it is!

Once WE decide that we will no longer tolerate anything less than civil, cooperative, non-judgemental thinking, working together in a spirit of harmony, we can finally begin to make a real difference in the world. Once we turn our backs on that old, toxic mentality, it loses its power over us. In fact, the world will have no alternative than to turn around and follow us. It’s our attention it’s striving to capture—not just as a consumer, but as a follower—and once we stop allowing it to dictate how we think, culture will change direction… in a heartbeat.

The world is changing… but not superficially, as the news would have us believe. It’s raising its vibration every day to whole new levels. The question is… will we be raising our level of consciousness to keep up with it?

We get to decide for ourselves what level we want to live in, and if we want to lift ourselves, we have to stop allowing others to pull us down to their level. As Martin Luther King Jr. wrote, “Let no man pull you low enough to hate him.”

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