The world is self-correcting

The world doesn’t need our moralizing. It doesn’t need us to tell it how it should go, or in which direction. In fact, the world doesn’t care at all about what we think it should do.

The world is a self-correcting mechanism; the crooks become the cops, the cops become the judges. The world takes care of itself.

For a few years now I’ve been an occasional volunteer at the Atlanta mission. It is a sanctuary for the homeless, housing and feeding hundreds of people every day. They have an ingenious system in which individuals are helped back on their feet: they grow up through the ranks, from kitchen help all the way up to administration, taking on more and more responsibility as they progress in their recovery. The end result is a system run entirely by and for the homeless. In other words, it is self-correcting apparatus.

In a way, the world is like a Rubik’s cube built with a mini-computer inside. There’s a video of it on YouTube. You disarrange it, then put it down on the table. It scurries around the table as the sides automatically readjust themselves, one move at a time, and in less than a minute, voila!

So, once we know that the world uses friction and conflict to correct itself – always! – we can finally liberate ourselves from all the worry and fear that keep us imprisoned, trying to correct it. It will never be corrected, but it is always correcting itself. If it needs us, it will use us. Otherwise, it doesn’t need our fretting…

It only wants our TRUST.

That’s the only way we are able to free our minds from chaos and conflict… and begin envisioning a new direction, a completely different future… for humanity.

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