Releasing the Tension

As you awaken spiritually, you won’t enjoy being smothered behind the ego’s overprotecting walls any longer. You need to breathe, to feel again, and to heck with false pride. You’re finally ready to let those scary emotions come to you – loneliness, sadness, fear of abandonment – in their full force… the ones your ego convinced you that you couldn’t handle. Anything but this agony!

So when you say to yourself, “I can’t take it any longer,” what it really means is that you can’t resist the flood anymore. The emotions have built up to a point that they must run free. So sit down, get some tissues, and get ready for a really good cry. Your body might even start shaking, or howling. You can allow these powerful feelings to flood into you. You must!

All of us, I believe, are just one good cry away from feeling better. We need to rediscover these raw emotions, the ones that make us human… and reclaim them. Yes, they knock us down, but they also make us stronger.

Occasionally you’ll meet someone on shaky ground, and you can tell they’re about to let loose. Without saying a word, put a hand on their back, let them know you’re near. All your body language has to say is “I understand. It’s perfectly ok to cry.” See, it was the idea that crying was “weakness” that held us back for so long. I’m here to say not only that it’s ok… but that it’s the only way we ever really heal ourselves.

In this spirit, I’d like to propose a new emoji: a yellow man crying and smiling at the same time. That’s because the release of tension that accompanies a good cry is one of such overwhelming relief – as if the heaviest burden has finally been put down – that we actually start laughing. We see how resistance actually compounded the pain, made it twice as heavy… and kept us constantly in terror of our own feelings. What total relief… from our own pent-up resistance!

“The problem isn’t how you feel, it’s that you don’t feel SAFE to feel how you feel.” —Teal Swan

So, friends… let it out, let it flow, and when it does… you might even want to take a picture of yourself afterwards, red-eyed and crazy-looking. You’ll feel so relieved that later, when you look at that photo, you’ll marvel at how relaxed your features are.

It’s as if you suddenly became more beautiful, more human, more yourself… and so much more alive!

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