Please Like Me… or Not

I read the other day that more people than ever are single nowadays. That’s obviously thanks to Covid, but there’s another explanation I like as well. People enter into relationships mostly to get validation from a companion, but these days one can get their daily need for validation online. A like here, a retweet there.. our insatiable need for constant approval will get fed, one way or the other.

Or is there a way to live that takes us out of that endless cycle, that life of self-doubt, of wondering what others think, never knowing or trusting ourselves?

Indeed there is… and it comes down to which part of ourselves we identify with: the ego or the soul.

See, the ego is never quite sure about itself. It’s always needing approval and authentication from the outside world. Am I doing the right thing? What should I have done? What will I do? What do you think?

The soul, on the other hand, has no doubts. It knows that whatever it’s doing is the perfect thing at the exact right moment. It has already grasped its own inherent beauty and importance; it glows by its own light. And it certainly doesn’t need a million likes… heck, it doesn’t even need one. That’s because it feels as if the entire universe were applauding… that’s how self-sustained it is. Why, it doesn’t even need the world to exist to know how great it is. That’s true self-esteem (without even the need for a witness). Wouldn’t that be a great thing to feel?

So, on this my birthday — with all your wonderful well-wishes pouring in — I wonder which identity I’ll choose. 🙏

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