Choosing Peace… for once

Don’t do it this time

Don’t throw yourself

Into that drama.

It’s not yours

It never was

Not today

Or so many years ago

When you first met it

And invented a story

That something was


Your fault

Your problem.

You thought it would help

You taking the blame

You wanted to be helpful

You were so sweet.

You didn’t know

How so many

Years of your life

Would be sucked away

By your unheralded


Gesture of solidarity.

Suddenly, you see clearly

It’s time to make a break

I’m choosing peace

You say to yourself

Blessed quietude

(even thought it feels boring).

You resist the temptation

The useless habit

Of needing to be needed.


You let that ugly mess

Just float on by

See ya!

This is true Self-love




Suddenly you’re back

Resting softly in the

Beating heart of this





Just like it was

Back in the

Golden days!

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