You cannot “wake up” anyone else

You are not black. You are not white. You are not male, female, straight, gay or trans. You are not your sex, your race, or your orientation. You are way beyond that.

You are the Supreme Consciousness.

If you get caught up in the “woke” mentality, you will forget that. You will be forced once again by limited body-oriented thinking to believe that you are bound by superficial differences and micro-defined identity traits.

That’s the opposite of true. You’re already free, great soul. “They” didn’t put you in that box… you did! They just made it uncomfortable for you. Beware!

“Wokeness” is trying to make us see ugliness and enemies everywhere… to entangle us in concepts and slogans, to stoke our guilt, shame, anger, fear, and divisiveness. Let’s not give into the mob… rather let’s rise above it. We don’t need to rebel against others… only against these limited beliefs. Look how simple it is: the only “barriers” we need to break… the only ones we can break… are within our own hearts. We simply cannot “wake up” others… it’s not our job, anyway. We can only “wake up” ourselves.

In truth, there are no enemies. There is only Perfect Unity.

Friends, step clear of these miniscule self-definitions that confine and separate… rather than unite. You are much greater than you think… but only if you don’t buy into the hype.

“Wake up.” Remember your greatness. Lead the way!

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