Nobody knows!

Is the world real
or just a dream?
Nobody knows

Am I mortal
or immortal?
Nobody knows

If I really want
To know the truth
I must become

Only “Nobody” can
Pass through the
Myriad paradoxes that
The mind
(A “Somebody”)

(Whoever I think I am)
Has a burning
Need to maintain
A point of view
Stuck in its
Either-or furrow
Of trying to
Grasp the world
It thinks it must
Or can
Resolve these dilemmas
Before any progress
Can be made

That’s how it
Blocks me in its
Cage of Logic

“Nobody” doesn’t
Have that block
“Nobody” has no
Skin in the game
No need to arrive at
A definitive answer
It can accept everything
All possible permutations
A not B
B not A
A and B
Neither A nor B
As equally valid
As equally invalid

Until I embrace
“Nobody’s” point of view
I will be stuck forever
In this no-man’s land

Only “Nobody”
Will witness
The mysterious
Disappearance of
The question
Only “Nobody” will
Accept the impossibility
Of a clear resolution
Or discover its
True irrelevance
Knowing is just
Not that important
Certainly not worth
Uselessly waiting
Here at the Gate
For all Eternity

Only “Nobody”
These paradoxes
These mind-traps
And lands perfectly
In the peaceful
Diarama of
Peace and Love
The place that “I”
(A “Somebody”)
Has so long sought
To no avail
(How could it
With all those questions?)

Who can understand
That there’s simply
Nothing to understand
No real way of
Only “Nobody”

“Nobody” is
Always welcome
To come
Sit a spell at
Home for
Tired of

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