Nothing Lasts Forever!

Every “thing” is temporary. It comes and goes. It has a shelf life.

But “Nothing”… Nothing doesn’t change. There it is, solid and eternal, more real and enduring than anything we can see, taste or touch.

Think of it like this: if a building falls, what happens to the air that was in the rooms? Does it disappear… or does it remain? Does it even move… or does it stay where it was? Where does empty space go?

So if we’re looking for “something” that lasts, why don’t we choose the only thing that does: “Nothing”? Because our minds weren’t made to notice it. Our minds only register what changes… not what doesn’t.

So aligning with “Nothing” requires a revolt against our minds’ innate (and obstinate) insistence on trying to make “Somethings” last forever: our homes, our lives, our egos.

We need to feel this “Nothing” in a new way, an intuitive way. We need to unlimit ourselves from the mind… to see beyond the physical. Only our hearts can do this.

When we get our first taste of Nothingness, it feels boring. That’s why most of us only take in a bit at a time… like on the weekends, or on vacation. It seems to change us in ways we can’t understand… it makes us more open to Nothing… and that’s scary for the mind.

We begin to discover that “Nothing” is also inside us, between the cells, between the molecules, between the synapses. It’s the part of us that recognizes — and adores! — this immortal and unchanging Nothingness. It’s the part of us that will sustain and survive, no matter what Life throws our way.

Then one day, we notice that the “Nothing” is becoming more solid — more present — than the “Somethings.” It seems to become FULL, not just empty but alive with everything that changes… and everything that doesn’t. It becomes solid… and safe.

That’s the day we jump over from the world of “things” to the world of “No things.” “Nothing” lasts forever, so… let’s hang out there!

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