What “We” Offer is Not Enough

Here we are, all of us, trying to lure people into our little spider webs. We hold out money, looks, fame, fortune… anything we think will attract a mate. “Who wants some of this good stuff?,” we coo.

But hmm, if we need someone else to join us in our webs, well… obviously what we’ve acquired isn’t enough for us, by ourselves, for our souls. Otherwise, why would we be using these things as bait? I may be rich, we think, but that’s not enough to make me feel loved. So why would we imagine that these things would be good enough for anyone else? Unless we’re kidding ourselves… or trolling for suckers….

Wouldn’t we be better served looking to attract people who see far beyond our honey traps? People who aren’t satisfied with our measely little “gifts”… who expect more from us than what we currently have to offer? In short, someone who sees more in us, who expects more from us… who pushes us to expand ourselves… to find our hidden gems within?

Because — and you know this — what we really have to offer others (if we’re curious enough to dig deeper) is waaaaay beyond what we believe we have to offer. Something we never discover… until the day we drop these feeble old strategies… and aim for more elusive game.

Don’t settle for shallow waters, friends. You’ll only catch other egos there, other honey traps. Your true worth is much, much greater… able to attract galaxies and universes.

Your heart is the true bait. Your inner self is the biggest prize. Go deep, catch it!

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