Leave Open the Door

Let it in

Let it come

Whatever it is

Warts and all

No more locks

No more guards

No more wishing

Things were different

No more sifting

This yes

This no

Just a letting go

A dropping of walls

With the certainty

At long last

That you can handle

Whatever comes along

Even your worst fears

You’re strong enough now

Let in come in

Put its feet on the ottoman

Let it move

Through your rooms

Around every corner

And out the back door

To wherever its

Path leads next

All your guests

You’ve discovered

Are temporary

Moving through

Your AirBnB life

Here today

Gone tomorrow

So put out the

Welcome mat

Greet it at the door

Even what used to

Cause you misery

Let it freely pass

Whatever it is

Show Patience


And Appreciation

(Especially to

Unwanted guests)

For the








Your house

Grows bigger

With every


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