You’re in Stealth Mode

You are silence, immoveable stillness. You are forever in stealth mode, hiding in the interspaces between things and thoughts.

You are before words. Before concepts. Egos can’t see you.

Oh dear one, You seek to discover Yourself with an ego, but You exist before the ego. You were there from the beginning: You are The One Who Never Changes.

This Eternal Consciousness cannot be understood, or entered, or obtained. Nobody can get it… it’s already there! It can only be harmonized with, remembered. Only consciousness awareness can know it (not “your” conscious awareness… but Awareness Itself!). This Stillness at your core is always in vibrational resonance with Eternal Consciousness. Only after you’ve quieted every single thought that separates You from IT will the truth be revealed in all its glory: Stillness is Who You Are!

“You need not merit truth – you are eligible because You Are. Just stop running away – by running after. Stand still. Be quiet.” –Nisargadatta Maharaj

Only Your heart knows that you’ve already arrived. These limited minds – alas! – won’t be able to follow.

This is the Love, Devotion, and Mystical Union that You are seeking, O Eternal Friend. Adore your stillness… You will remember.

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