We won’t get fooled again!

We’re all aware that there are people who try to manipulate us… for their own ends. They may be our government, our boss, our spouse, our families; anyone who seems to say, “”What’s going on inside of you… and how can I use it to my advantage?” “They” take your hard work, your money, your time… and it becomes obvious that “they” don’t really care about you, do they?

But watch out, friends. Our egos do the same thing to us… every day! Our old conditioning is constantly trying to figure out how to leverage our talents, our looks, our money… for its own gain, not ours. It’s desperate to stay alive!

In reality, You don’t need the ego at all; it needs You. It lives off of Your energy, Your attention, Your consent. You are the Supreme Consciousness. You don’t need to be babysat all day. You don’t need the ego to constantly keep you down, make You feel like a puppet, make You feel inferior, helpless and small. You’ve believed that all Your life. Isn’t it time to stop accepting what it tells You?

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

Once we see its manipulation clearly, it will be game over for the ego… and it knows that. That’s why it keeps us battling the wrong enemies. As long as the ego keeps us tethered to the idea that – without it – we are nothing, we have nothing, and we can accomplish nothing… it has total control of us. Which is exactly what our manipulating boss, parent, or government would have us believe. Does that ring a bell?

The small-time manipulators in our lives are only here to show us what we are doing to ourselves. And our revolt against “them” is only here to pave the way for the much bigger (and difficult) inner revolt… against the ego itself.

You are not limited, dear one. Stand up for Yourself. Reclaim Your throne.

And once you stop letting the ego tell You otherwise, You won’t have to rebel against the world anymore. You’ll have eliminated the real enemy. Your life will become easy, without struggles, without hurry or anxiety… the way it always was…

Before the ego came along and started using You!

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