You Get What You Need

Don’t grab at the world

Don’t let your ego

Lift a single finger

Don’t believe it when it

Tells you it knows

What you “need”

What will make you happy

Because it doesn’t

The ego is a taker

More importantly

If perchance you do

Get what you want

Don’t let the ego

Not even for a second

Convince you that it

Got it for you

That it’s thanks to

Its efforts

Its plans

That you got it

Because if you do

The ego will hold it

Over your head


That’s how it ensnares you

It will use

Every “gift” to

Make you feel in debt

Make you serve it

Make you bow to it

Oh dear soul!

Free yourself from

This unholy trap

The ego will never

Let you see

That it wasn’t

Thanks to it

That you got what you wanted

No siree

All your gifts were

Freely given to you

As all things are

By the One Giver

The Universe Itself

No strings attached

Without effort

As if by magic

You don’t need

To manipulate

The outside world

To fill your coffers

If you do, you will spend

The rest of your days

Fighting to keep what your ego

Ungratefully stole

You will sit

Alone and afraid

Guarding your

Miserable spoils

No, friend

You are no beggar!

All you ever needed to do

Was simply ask for

What you wanted

That’s your lesson

Here on Earth

Ask for what you want

Become a grateful


Learn to sit back

In total faith

And know that

The Universe wants to

Bring you what will

Truly make you happy

It alone knows

What you truly desire

Let these things

Be brought to you

In their own time

In their own

Miraculous way

Let the Universe guide you

Show you where to go

Who to work with

What to say

So that in the end

You end up serving







But something

Truly worth serving:




(Isn’t that what

You truly want?)

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