What if “facts” are merely opinions?

We ask the mind to comfort us, and it does so by repeatedly affirming to us what it thinks of as facts. We inherit this conditioned thinking, these belief systems, from our parents, our ancestors, our culture. We share it with our loved ones, television programs, family. But have we ever examined these so-called “facts”? What if, in reality, they are merely opinions? We say, for example, with perfect certitude:

“I” am a person
“I” have “a life”
“I” have a body
“I” have a mind
“I” decide to act
“I” work
“I” sleep
“I” play
There are other separate people around me
“I” understand others
“I” understand myself
“I” know what life is
“I” know what life is for
This world is real

But what if these are not facts, friends, but merely opinions? (I’m not talking about scientific facts, obviously.) Opinions most of us agree on, granted… but does that make them necessarily true? Because as we awaken to higher consciousness, we discover that many of these convictions are blocking us from making progress. They aren’t very useful for living in the present. In fact, they make the world taste like stale cheese. Yuck!

So, if we’re going to start being honest with ourselves, we have to admit that most of what’s going on… we just don’t understand. We simply have no way of knowing if any of these statements are true. Our minds are often wrong about things, why should these opinions be any different? What if not-knowing was a much more exciting and alive way of living… than knowing? Are we ready to break the envelope?

We usually never question our long-held beliefs, because a) we associate mostly with people who hold our same opinions, and b) we label whoever doesn’t as… crazy. But once we begin to rid ourselves of these opinions, these “certitudes”… what do we have left?

Only Infinite conscious joyful awareness. Well, Hello!

So here’s that same list, if we were to tell the absolute truth to ourselves:

“I” may be much more than a person
“I” may be Life Itself
This body may be inside my awareness
This mind may be inside my awareness
“I” act, but I really don’t know why
Work happens
Sleep happens
Play happens
“I” really don’t know if anything or anyone is separate
“I” cannot really understand others
“I” cannot really understand myself
“I” don’t really know what life is for
This world may or may not be real

That doesn’t leave us much to work on now, does it? It only leaves us scratching our heads, mind-blown, no more opinions, no more comfort. Living in the here and now… we find a world full of marvel, miracles… and honesty.

Not a bad trade-off, if you ask me!

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