Everything is Beautiful

Talking with friends lately, I hear a lot of grief… a lot of suffering. One cried for all the dying children, another for abandoned animals… a third for a dead spider. I can certainly sympathize.

But I believe that with life comes grief, and that grief isn’t ugly or horrible. It’s actually beautiful. So are anger, conflict and death… all part and parcel of living. And even though we like to imagine a life without them, that just isn’t realistic. In a photograph, it takes shadows to reveal light.

No, perhaps the grief we carry is for ourselves… for having believed in a magical, always-happy place that doesn’t exist… and for letting that sadden us for so long. Our hearts want to soar!

The truth is, I believe, that we are here to see that absolutely everything is beautiful, exactly as it is. Life is like a movie, a dream, with every part integral to the story. Do we wake up and cry for what was “wrong” in a dream?

“You have come to earth to entertain and to be entertained. The entire universe is God’s cosmic motion picture, and individuals are merely actors in the divine play who change roles….” –Paramhansa Yogananda

As soon as we see every single thing – without exception – as beautiful, the world reveals itself to be full of love… exactly as it is. If one thing resists, however, it holds us up, blocks our realization… and we must live in it, surround ourselves with it… until its beauty is revealed. That’s why we get stuck in poverty. Or loneliness. We need to see these things as also beautiful… not something to be resisted, but as opportunities to learn. Gifts.

Haven’t we understood that demanding that the outside world change only causes us to withhold our love – mostly from ourselves? It puts us in conflict with our own day-to-day lives, makes us miserable, ungrateful, feeling powerless. Beyond these old limited, conditioned ways of thinking there is a peace beyond all understanding. We’re searching for it, every single one of us… but we will never be able to find it… until we raise our level of consciousness.

This divine level of consciousness is available to all of us, dear friends… the ability to see not with the eyes of the head, but with the Eyes of the Heart. Humbly ask that your new eyes be activated.. and you, too, will begin to see beauty everywhere, even in the most unlikely places. Blessings!

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