I Believe in You

You can do it.

You can face it.

You can hit rock bottom

All by your lonesome.

Not because you’re strong enough.

No one is.

But you will be caught.

Like all the others.

Not by glowing dreams

Or empty promises.

Not this time.

No one has the power

To save another

To protect them from

Meeting this pain.

We only imagined we did.

The arrogance has been shattered.

The falling pre-arranged.


We bow our heads now.

We surrender.

It’s finally here.

The faith so long sought.

The certainty

The knowing!

That this plunge

Is a gift given only

To a courageous few,

Leading to a most

Glorious rebound.

Today shatters gloriously

The illusion

That we needed each other

Could ever protect one another

From this collapse.

Today, together,

You and I allow the

Innate Intelligence

To do the heavy lifting

The catching in mid-air

The salvation.

Today, you and I drop this

Innocent “helpfulness,”

Unproductive compromise,



Finally released

At long last

From this,

Our miserable




Dropping all,

Invited back

To meet the raw,

True Power,

Our humble




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