Staying inside tonight

Sitting on my sofa tonight, feeling good and musing over all the options that are calling me to go out: a party at John’s, a live concert, or simply a walk in the park with friends.

The stars are out now. Maybe just a little stroll in the spring air.

But tonight, maybe for the first time I can remember, there’s a different offering. Tonight something is calling even louder for my attention: my heart.

Yes, friends, I lie down on my sofa, close my eyes, and feel that rare warmth spread all over my body. Have I been looking all my life only for this? What is this delight coming over me, this sheer joy?, me and my heart finally free to feel one another, without distraction . . . interweaving themselves in appreciation and attraction and gratitude, making everything else unimportant.

As if we’ve had this date planned for eons. Ancient Lovers finally meeting again.

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