Touching the Magic

I remember going to hundreds of concerts when I was younger, trying to get as close as possible to the stage. I wanted to be there when The Magic happened. I especially liked improvised music, music that had never been played before and would never be played again. Can you imagine the feeling of being there in that moment? Or even better, can you imagine being the musician who is receiving that inspiration just as it comes down the pike? Right there at the point of creation… almost like a living ode to the incredible and inexhaustible creative power of the present moment.

That’s how electric it is to be a creative person in a creative field. You are being asked to be 100% present at the moment of birth of something that has never existed before. This is the sacred moment, a one-in-a-lifetime moment… the arrival of an impulse so pure that it hasn’t even found a way to express itself yet. A spark so clean, it will have to invent its own format, its own vocabulary, and its own audience, just to make itself understood in some way. We are talking about a spark so new, so fresh… that you will immediately know that it couldn’t have come from anything that’s ever been seen or heard before. It’s not from here, but it arrives like a gift from another dimension.

But to be there on the front lines, you have to be empty. You have to have a special talent, probably one you’ve worked hard to develop. And then you have to have dedicated this talent to the Muse. Then you simply let the muse express itself through you. Any intention or expectation or attachment will ruin it, any trying to influence it or guide it will only cut it off in midstream. Then you won’t be chosen as the channel, so you get better at learning to get out of the way.

But gosh darn it, the feeling is so electric, so intense, that eventually you don’t mind giving up authorship, or credit, or even your life’s direction, just to be there at the moment it comes and to be responsible for its safe, clean delivery.

You’ll feel so honored, so very blessed, to have been entrusted with The Spark. So lucky. The only thing is, after you’ve been kissed in this way, you will no longer be content with going to concerts, listening to the music of others or reading what others have downloaded.

You’ll be hooked on touching the magic yourself.

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