Mind One-pointed, Heart Everywhere

While cuddling with my sweetheart the other day, I noticed a subtle, sweet change coming over my awareness. I was suddenly feeling everything around me, all at once I could feel our feet intertwined, the feel of our hands, the feel of our lips, all at once. And much more: the pace of our breathing, the feeling of the sheets against my back, and then… the hoot of an owl in the distance and the passing of a car. All at once! I couldn’t believe it.

What is this magic?

Somehow I was going to a place that was far beyond what my mind had ever be capable of. Yes, it switches from one thing to the other, but never, ever does it notice all these things at once. That’s because it’s focusing, but at the same time erasing. It likes getting to decide what’s important and what isn’t, closing the valve. And why not? That’s its job.

Instead, with the heart, there’s a lot more perception happening. A lot more trust. Everything is fuller, and at the same time, richer. More present. More real.

The only “problem” is, ever since I’ve been in the heart, I’m having to relearn everything. Walking is different; I’m not running, I’m not heading somewhere, I just appear to be walking, feeling my feet on the pavement, hearing the birds, the wind in the trees. When I get to where I’m going, I stop (“I seem to have arrived,” I think). Working is different; I appear to be watching my hands as they type this, but at the same time I happen to be able to listen to the clothes dryer, the heat and pulse of the wood stove, the sound of the neighbors’ music.

And the weirdest thing is that… Life Goes On. I still work, I still get where I need to. It’s just that I’m able to do all this without cutting out all the rest. This is all very new to me, to be able to “space out” while still focusing on the task at hand. I didn’t even know it was possible.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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