Going beyond binary thinking

The mind loves to study. It loves systems, analyses, it loves levels and connections. Every time someone starts talking to me about a philosophical or religious system, I can feel my mind being pulled towards it. But I’m learning to resist that pull. The waters have risen high enough now, and the safety of binary thinking, the structure it gives, can be left behind.

The Ocean no longer needs the scaffolding.

Yes, once we recognize that there is another kind of knowledge, another kind of knowing, we no longer seek the comfort of mental assurance. We see systems of thought as a kind of crutch. Studying and learning no longer help us make great leaps forward; on the contrary, they distract us in mental gymnastics when we could be swimming unencumbered in the fresh, expansive waters.

Like a child learning to swim away from the ladder, when we swim away from the scaffolding, we notice how we never needed it in the first place.

It was just a kind of comfort while we remembered that we always knew how to swim.

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