Catch and Release

One day, without any warning, we are caught. Slowly and inexorably, we are pulled towards something we know not. We are being reeled in.

Struggle is fruitless. Everything we know, or have, is suddenly unimportant; all certainties are lost. We imagine being pulled towards certain death. We fight with everything we have in us.

We struggle. We despair. And at a certain point, we give up. We have nothing left. We surrender to our fate.

Finally, pulled into the open air, barely alive, we leave the water, the only home we’ve ever known… We are dragged out… and yet, counter to all fears, we are not killed.

Strangely, we are caressed. We are loved. We are made whole.

Later, finally back in the water again… we find we are no longer limited to these small bodies.

We have become the ocean itself.

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