A Solo Job

Mom and Dad can’t do it. The church can’t do it. School can’t do it.

You have to do it, against all odds, alone and with the wrong instruments. The senses won’t help. The mind can’t help. Only inner intuition can guide you.

And that’s the hero’s journey we each must take. Alone. Meeting our inner selves, trusting our inner voice enough to take the first steps, finding the courage to follow a hidden path, the one meant for us alone. Each person is guide, sherpa and tourist all-in-one, and has to discover the right moment to push forward, the exact moment to retreat, and the perfect moment to lie still. Scary? Yes! Exciting?

More than any movie!

Is this why everyone is suddenly taking yoga and meditation classes? To attune themselves to this inner voice? Perhaps we’ve all waited long enough… perhaps it’s dawning on us that rediscovering faith is, at the end of the day, our responsibility and ours alone….

Yes, my friend, someone is coming to save you, and looky here… it’s YOU!


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