Keep Your Eyes Peeled!

So… I started a small list the other day of things I catch my ego doing during the day. It started with one or two, then quickly blossomed. Mostly they are useless, conditioned habits, self-sabotaging behaviors that somehow managed to control me… until recently. Now that I can feel how sad they’ve made my heart all these years —and in the interest of preserving my own happiness — I’ve become extra vigilant. By naming them and calling them out, one by one, I get to see how stupid they really are, undo the programming… and take my power back.

So here are some of the DUMB THINGS my ego does, see if any of these sound familiar:

#15. Always Finds One Wrong Thing… To Avoid Being Grateful.
#14. Thinks It Has The Best Opinion On Every Topic… No Matter How Little It Knows.
#13. Decides Whether Or Not It Likes Something… Before Knowing Anything About It.
#12. Thinks That Whatever Way We Are Thinking Today… Is How Everyone Else Ought To Think, Too.
#11. Tells Others Not To Do Something… Then Does It (And If It Gets Caught, Denies It).
#10. Keeps Us Busy On Endless Projects…. Because It Doesn’t Know How To Sit Still.
#9. Prefers Playing The Victim And Having Problems… Over Peace And Tranquillity.
#8. Pretends To Know What Makes Me Happy… When It Mostly Cares About How Others See Me.
#7: Makes Me Feel Guilty For Things I Don’t Know… And Yet Won’t Learn.
#6. Sabotages Me Whenever I Get Close To Success… So It Can Say, “I Told You So.”
#5. Forces Me To Doubt People I Trust… So They Leave Me (And I’m Left With Only The Ego To Guide Me).
#4. Keeps Me Distracted With Meaningless Information… So I Won’t Notice The Prison It Keeps Me In.
#3. Continuously Tells Me I’m Worthless… Then Criticises Me For My Insecurities.
#2. Tells Me It Loves Me… But Only If I Give Up My Dreams And Do Whatever It Says.
#1. Never Brings Me The Happiness It Promises… But Somehow Is Never To Blame.

(Please feel free to add any “dumb things” of your own in the comment section below, to add to future lists. I’m simply calling this “list #1.”)


WARNING: In case you see things on the list that make you think, “well yes, that does happen… but it’s someone else’s fault” (i.e. your mother’s, your boyfriend’s, your narcissist’s, the mainstream media’s), be Extra Vigilant. It’s still your ego making all this mischief… but it has found a way to outsmart you that you’d never suspect: it invents a Boogie Man. Call it blame-shifting, call it projection… you are being made to suffer not by outside forces, but always by your own ego.

ALSO: In case you feel anger, fear, or a tightening in your chest while reading this list, here are Two Dumb Things your ego does when it’s about to get caught — #1: It Keeps Me In Fear By Constricting My Body And Cutting Off My Breath… Then Says It’s Because There’s Something Dangerous “Out There.” And (if something suddenly comes along that prevents you from reading this far into the blog) — #2:The Minute I Get Close To Unmasking It… It Distracts Me With Other, So-Called “Urgent Matters.”

So, Great Soul… take courage, stay vigilant, and stop believing these stupidities! You are beautiful, powerful, and immortal. Throw off these invisible mental shackles… and return to your TRUE, INNER JOY!

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