Eyes of Love

I was talking with my son yesterday about a difficult subject, and needed to convey it with as much love as possible. “Look at me,” I said, because he was watching the game on TV. As he turned to face me, I could feel the love pouring from my eyes into his. What I had wanted to say was suddenly much less important than this love flowing between us. I realize I had been doing this wrongly for a long time. I had mistakenly thought that love could be conveyed by words alone.

Because, until he looked at me, it just wasn’t going to work.

So basically, what we look at, we love. And, by not looking at something, we try not to love it (or don’t know how). Love is always pouring through our eyes. And whatever we are looking at, we are loving, whether it’s an iPad or a spreadsheet or a sunset. What we give our attention to is what we love.

Our attention is love.

The problem is, we need to start giving our attention, and gratitude, to the things we love and not to the things we don’t. Isn’t it funny when we complain about what we hate, or how we were taken advantage of ten years ago, or recall a far-off sickness? Why are we giving these things the time of day?

Because we still haven’t learned to look at them with the eyes of love.

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