Pushing the Bus

My friend Donald talks about a terrifying trip he took once in the Himalayas in India. After his bus bogged down in a mudslide on a dangerous road, the driver asked all the passengers to get out and help push it out. Even after about 5 minutes of pushing, the bus didn’t budged an inch. Donald walked away from the scene to try to understand what was going on.

Half the people were pushing from the front, half were pushing from the back.

So it is that often, even with our greatest efforts, we might not get anywhere. We think we want one thing, but another (unconscious) part of us wants something completely different. Maybe we want success, but another part of us enjoys playing the victim. Result? Self-sabotage. Stagnation.

Until we step away from the scene, so to speak, by taking a vacation – or better yet, meditating every day – we can’t quite identify this inner conflict. We need to find out exactly what it is that is holding us back, embrace it and encourage it to come along with us.

Then every part of us is pushing the same side of the bus.

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