Meeting One’s Sadness

Funny, I had forgotten about this part of me. I had fervently denied it, actually. I thought if I just kept bouncing through life from one project to the next, one dream to the next, I could keep it at bay.

Not today. Today the sadness came home to roost. I couldn’t chase it away. I couldn’t bounce out.

Later, I talked about it with my dear friend Ananta. We talked a while, then suddenly she said the one thing I needed to hear:

“That part of you that doesn’t find what it’s looking for. The part that doesn’t get the love or the respect you want… Do you think you can meet that part of yourself, right now? Do you think you can love that part as well?”

I sat stock still, tears welling up in my eyes. Two minutes passed in silence. “Thank you,” I said.

So that’s it. I was finally meeting it. I was finally loving it. I had hated it in myself, I had rejected it in others. Today, all I had to do was meet it in myself.

I spent the rest of the day catching up.

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