Magic happens all the time… if we let it.

Our minds are recording instruments. Built to remember past scenarios, they’re designed to repeat happy and avoid unhappy events… forever. And when we listen to our minds, they convince us that they’re in control. “Of the world?,” we ask. “No.”

Of us.

To imagine ourselves “in control” means, in a way, to trust the mind’s safe conclusions, condemning ourselves to the same well-worn streets, repeating the same actions, getting no more than what we expect, over and over, yesterday, today, and tomorrow….

Ever ask someone “How’s it going?,” and they answer “Normal”?
I think, “So what you’re telling me, friend, is that even if everything goes perfectly well, miraculously, for 24-hours straight, “normal” is the maximum happiness you can experience?”

Kind of sad, isn’t it?

Instead, drop “normal” and try living without plans and without expectations for a few hours. Suddenly, there it is again – The Magic! – waiting just around the corner. We feel it immediately… our eyes light up, we’re full of energy, people want to be around us… they want to help us.

And that’s something the mind never figured out.

The mind can control “normal” all it wants, but it can never control Magic. To let Magic back into our lives, it has to be allowed. It needs Space. Something has to be emptied out. The mind won’t give us this space, so we have to take it. We have to trick the robot. We have to stop listening to the mind… and give up this limiting illusion of control.
In a way, it’s like we choose to become children again… why?

Because we love ourselves too much to just accept “normal”!

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