Exit the Matrix!


If you truly want to “save” the world
You can only do it from
The place of KNOWING
That the world doesn’t need saving.

What the world does need
– If you were to “save” it –
Is for you to turn off
Your mental screen
And KNOW – even for a second –
That no matter how much
Maya (illusion) throws at you
To pull you back in…
That The World is
Already Perfect.

You are the One who decides
Which World you live in.
Yours is the Power.

So, if you are not detaching
From the illusion,
If you are not meditating
And adoring stillness,
You are not “fixing” anything.
You are just fooled into
Fighting with illusion.
You are making things
More broken,
More confusing
For the others.
You are making it
Harder to extract yourself
From the cobwebs
That bind you.

So turn off the TV
Turn off the voice that says “it’s my fault”…
The one that says, “I have to fix it”
Turn off “I know” and “I don’t know”
Turn off “I’m happy” and “I’m sad”
Turn off “one day it will be better”
Turn off “tomorrow” and “yesterday”
Turn off “here” and “there”
Turn off “I.”

Sit here
In the peace that surpasses
All Understanding…
And from HERE
You will be shown that
The illusion of a broken world
Is just a movie
Playing on your mental screen
Trying to pull you in.
Spellbind you.
Bind you.

You are not bound.
You are Perfectly Free
Maya can’t touch you
It can only trick you.

In the present moment
Can you find
What you are looking for:

Only from here can you KNOW that
The World is Already Perfect.

And that, in the end
The only thing
That was ever broken…
The only thing
You ever had to “fix” was…

Your Understanding!

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