Who Abandoned Who?

A million years ago
Or was it just a second?
You were the one
Who abandoned your Heart
Because it hurt too much
(don’t worry we all do).

Instead, you followed your Mind.
You trusted it.
It told you it could
Bring you Security,
Peace, and Rest.
You believed the promises.

With time, you realized that
Your mind would never
Bring you what you need.
It only made you wait, anxiously
Blaming others
Blaming life.

Now you know, dear,
That only your Heart
Can bring you
These beautiful things.
So all is not lost.

You can go back to
That childhood place
Where you were when
You abandoned yourself.

Gather strength
And go there.
Ask your Heart for forgiveness.
Stay with your Heart.
No matter what it’s hiding from.
Sit with your Heart
Through the sadness
The shame
And the loneliness
That made you run away
So long ago!
(or was it just a second?)

Others cannot do this for you.
Stop asking them to.
You and you alone
Are the only one to 
Unabandon Yourself.

Out of love for Yourself
You will eventually do this.
Mind and thoughts
Are not strong enough
to block this LOVE.
They never were.

Out of Love for Yourself
You will find your way back
No matter what it takes.

Your Love is too strong
To ever give up!

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