Free at Last

No days of the week. No appointment later. No plans for dinner. Just a brief moment, in between parking the car and heading into the gym… free-floating in the present, and clueless on all counts except one:

How great it feels to be alive.

I feel the pulsing of my blood. The softness of my heart. The air itself. Ahh, presence! This is how I should feel every moment of the day… if only I felt it.

See, whenever I exit those mental machinations, even for a minute, it’s incredible. It can be the most magical part of my day, but I have to notice it… not just blank out. Once my mind is checked out, it usually stops recording. It automatically goes into old loops, old memories, old plans and regrets. I’m at the car… and suddenly I’m at the check-in counter. What happened to the minutes? Where did they go?

Well, we all need a new apparatus to stay aware when our minds go quiet… a different instrument… one which never misses these blessed opportunities, these rare opportunities to stretch out its wings. There’s a part of us that wants us to notice these occasions, too… and share them with us.

That’s our soul calling: hitherto in exile, living off of the mind’s grid… and ready when you are!

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