Love Never Moves

It’s funny
We imagine that
Love comes
And goes
Here one day
Gone the next

We imagine that
“We” love
And that
Others “don’t”
That love can be
“Earned” or
“Lost” or

We’ve got it
All wrong
It’s not
“Ours” to give
“We” cannot love
Nor can anyone else
Love cannot be
It can’t be transferred
It can only be sat in
Allowed to
Waft freely
Through us
Among us

That’s the most
We can do

When we imagine
That it can somehow
Go somewhere
Or disappear for
Even a second
We make its absence
Seem real
Each time
Taking a beating
Not for
Lack of love
But for believing
An untruth

Love is not limited
In any way
It’s HERE and

Stop believing
You can
Throw away
Or lose
That which
Never leaves
Never moves
Stay away from
Those who would
Have you believe it
Especially your ego
Whose only job
Is to convince you
That someone else
Moved the cheese

No, friends
There’s absolutely
No escape
Love is
All there is
And when we
Stop withholding
Stop escaping

Oh how
We’ll be

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