The Blessings of Quarantine

“If you can’t go outside, then go inside.”

Amici, this current moment of quarantine is a golden opportunity for each of us to begin sitting silently, lovingly, quietly… and get reconnected to our still, inner Self. That part of us we’ve been missing… the one we’ve been searching for… but have been too busy to find.

There is a Divine spark in each of us, a fountain of joy, peace, gratitude and contentment. To find this beautiful spark, we each have to do battle with the unconscious parts of ourselves that have been covering it over since childhood: our limited conditioning. Yes, each of us has been trained to think in certain black-and-white ways, ways our parents taught us, ways their parents taught them… old ways of thinking that probably go back hundreds of generations.

Whenever we’re in conflict with the world, it’s because we’ve discovering that one of these conditioned mechanisms no longer serves us. Quantum physics tells us that our brains can be rewired. But to undo these outdated mechanisms, first we have to see them for what they are. And to do that, we have to slow our thoughts down enough to look at them. Hence meditation.

Some of this conditioning was implanted, such as a tendency to seek material security, some was just childish misunderstanding, such as associating dysfunction with love.

In any event, meditating in silence will bring a new kind of knowing to your life: that most of your “certainties” aren’t true at all… and not only that… they’re not even yours! They were handed down to you – little innocent you, without your consent – and now you’ll finally start to see through them. You’ll see that others, too, are completely innocent… that they, too, are simply playing out unexamined, worn-out patterns.

That’s what waking up is all about: becoming conscious of these old ways of seeing the world… and letting go of them, once and for all.

So, my friends, now that we’ve been given this moment of pause, I hope you receive it as a blessing, of sorts. It really is up to you — and you alone — to free yourself from these useless limitations. Otherwise you’ll pass them on to your children, and your children’s children.

It won’t be easy at first. Your mind will be telling you that it’s not possible to untangle these threads. That, too, is just old conditioning. Know that you will be guided along the way. Set forth with faith, love, patience, and confidence.

The future is counting on you!

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